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The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for the Skin

The new BUZZZZZZZZ word in skincare.

This is lengthy but WORTH THE READ!

There is a very good reason why Hyaluronic Acid is the new buzz word in skincare.  It has been sweeping over the market the last 12 months with even drugstore cosmetic products trying to get a piece of the pie.

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is naturally found in the body. There are many uses for Hyaluronic Acid in the body.  After the age of 30, sometimes even earlier, the human body stops producing as much HA due to a decrease in your metabolic rate and natural aging. Hyaluronic acid is also used as dermal fillers in cosmetic surgery.

There is also now, for numerous reasons, a lot of interest in using hyaluronic acid to prevent the effects of aging. In fact, hyaluronic acid has been promoted as a “fountain of youth.”

To the skin it acts as a free-radical scavenger.   Hyaluronic acid makes up a vast component of skin, where it helps to repair tissue. When skin is exposed to a large amount of UVB and UVA rays, it becomes red and inflamed. The result is that the cells in the dermis stop producing as much hyaluronic acid, and increase the rate of its degradation. Our skin takes a lot of environmental assault daily by exposure to sun and harsh skincare ingredients. Hyaluronic acid’s skin-replenishing properties helps to stop this assault from happening and lessen the effects of aging.  It’s an antioxidant, no wonder.

How can Hyaluronic acid benefit your skin?

Just like in so many aspects of our life, trends comes and goes.  In the skincare world, trendy ingredients will also come and go.  Hyaluronic acid is NOT one of them just because this active ingredient has been around for a long time and you have probably been using it in moisturizers and serums. It has calming effects on the skin and is excellent for even the most sensitive skin diseases and disorders like rosacea- prone and eczema-prone skin.  It is extremely hydrating and its antioxidant properties makes this ingredient one of the most versatile ingredients.

It’s no shock why HA (AKA Hyaluronic Acid)  has powerful anti-aging properties and is the top hydrating ingredient for all skin types.  It is equally beneficial for oily, sensitive or even breakout- prone skin.  For oily skin it is lightweight and hydrating. For even the most sensitive skin it is calming and helps to reduce redness in the skin, thus also very beneficial for even the most sensitive acne prone skin.

The end result for using this amazing ingredient is healthy , supple and less-lined or wrinkled skin.  This is based on science and studying the skin intensively and not just a fictional claim.  

It also has the stunning capacity to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture. One gram (0.03 ounces) of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water. Wow!

Those benefits would be plenty, but there are even more— Hyaluronic acid goes beyond offering a more resilient, hydrated appearance, as we explain below.

It is important to know that you get different forms of HA with different molecular weight and size. Some companies use what’s called “low molecular weight” hyaluronic acid, which has a smaller molecule than regular hyaluronic acid. Molecules of “regular” hyaluronic acid are larger, which explains why they remain on skin’s outer surface. This will help to smooth out the upper layers of the skin and gives instant smoothness to the more superficial dehydrated lines on the skin which could be easily be mistaken as wrinkles. Making hyaluronic acid smaller means it can reach a bit farther into skin’s uppermost layers for visibly enhanced results.  This works on a deeper level and help to build moisture in the skin that assist with collagen production.  

Superficial HA’s will last about 2 hours on the skin while the smaller molecules could last up to 8 hours and keep you skin hydrated all day long.

Is HA in injectables?

OK—so you’ve done your research. Collagen injectables was taken off the market and replaced by HA Injectables. Have you ever heard of Juvéderm or Restylane? That’s hyaluronic acid. They are safe to use and very natural  and the chances that you know someone that has them are pretty good.  

Do you have any HA products that I can recommend?

You better believe it!  I would Recommend SkinMedica’s HA5.  This product doesn’t only contains Juvéderm but 4 other HA’s.  This is impressive and this product is known to calm the skin while hydrating it as if you just drank 4 liters of water.  It has HA’s that works on the surface to lessen the appearances of fine lines and then smaller molecule size HA that can penetrate deep into the skin where it helps to plump and hydrate the skin and help with Collagen production.

Was I RIGHT!?  Worth the read??  Leave some comments, questions or concerns. Thanks

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