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Telling it like it is.  The game changer in skincare. There is nothing on the market today that you can buy like the NuFace Trinity Pro.. This is the ONLY FDA-cleared, multi solution anti aging device.  Worth the money, YES and YES!

The device has been clinically tested for improved facial contour, improved skin tone, and wrinkle reduction. Wow all of that and more. What really got my attention was the fact that my clients could tell the difference and see results after doing one treatment on only one side of their face and then comparing it to the other side.

Microcurrent has been well documented  that electrical current has been successfully used to stimulate growth and tissue repair and to stimulate the regeneration of damaged nerve and muscle structure over the past 30 years. But know for the first time you don’t have to go and see a skincare professional to get this very expensive treatments done.  No, you can do it at home. I see this as investing in my skin to prevent future damage but very importantly to reverse damage that already exists.

So Why buy this device? The answer is simple. Its like having your own medspa at your fingertips in the comfort of your own home. I always explain it to my clients like this. If you are getting ready to participate in a triathlon, could you only exercise once and then be done and expect results? The answer is no. Like training for a triathlon, you need to work out a couple of days a week to get at optimal strength. This goes for the muscles in your face too. If I do the Nuface once it will give me results for sure but how long will it last? With this device we go deep into the skin and with ATP production in the muscle we stimulate skin tissue by increasing circulation. Meaning we are also waking up the collagen and elastin which results you will see for at least a good 4-6 weeks after. But muscles, that would be like training once and then stopping for the triathlon. So how often should I use it? It is recommended to use it 3 times a week for 90days to get to optimal results. It only takes 5 minutes out of your day and who wouldn’t want a facial massage every day? After 90 days you only maintain it by doing it once a week.

Here are all the attachments and what they actually do:

Trinity Facial Trainer attachment

-Contours the face, benefits are visible and long lasting with continued use, just like exercise.  Skin care is your nutrition, Microcurrent is your exercise.  Microcurrent is a low-level electrical current that mimics our body’s natural current and goes beyond skin deep to tone facial muscles while improving contour, skin-tone & reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Trinity Wrinkle Reducer attachment

– A precise combo of red, amber and infrared light therapy reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Light therapy technology penetrates different depths of the dermis and triggers a cellular response to increase the amount of collagen and elastin fibers that’s present in the skin.

Trinity ELE ( Effective Lip & eye) attachment

-Precise treatment wands with proven microcurrent technology treat hard to reach areas around the eyes and lips like eyebrow furrows, crow’s feet and smile lines.  Great for a morning treatment to revitalize your eyes.

In my opinion, this is the best handheld device that any person can take home and do as part of their anti-aging skincare routine.

If you have used it or have any questions please comment down below.  happy skincar’n

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